Last Night…

Seth Lewis and The Lucky Man, 3/28/12

…was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who made it out!! My roommates and i are currently in the process of deconsecrating a Temple, so give us a few days and we’ll let you know when we get the podcast loaded. Lots of pictures coming, too!! Thanks to the Metro, to  all the performers, to my soundman extraordinaire, and to you!!

Special thanks to our last minute addition, Kevin Lehner! It’s good stuff.

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A little change in the schedule tonight, Hundred Years Whore blew their voice out last night, but we’ve added a few things to fill their slot.

It’s gonna be a blast, hope to see y’all there, and keep an eye open for the podcast!!

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coming soon…

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Appearing March 28

Lucky Man Presents…

Seth Lewis, art researcher and mad scientist.

Here is an article he was featured in:
B-Metro Article

Stay tuned for more!

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Feb 15 Podcasts are Up!

The podcasts from last night have been uploaded. Y’all enjoy!

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Thank You!

Thanks to everyone that came out the Metro Bar last night!  Thanks to all of the performers that came and shared!  Thanks to the Metro for letting us put this on.

We had a great first show!

I will be uploading the podcasts here:

(or you could hit the Podcast button up on our menu at the top.)

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Lucky Man Presents…

…will be premiering @ the Metro Bar in downtown Birmingham Feb. 15th!

Keep an eye out, though, ’cause after the party’s over, we’ll be posting it right here for everyone to hear!

scheduled to appear:

Matt Layne- local poet, storyteller, and librarian who’s been performing around the south for 20 years.

Husband- guitar, bass, and the sweet singing tones of the pedal steel.

Hank Lazard– is the award winning performer who is the former star of ventriloquism karaoke, former co-host of the famous ashtray, former host of the teenager robot, future best selling author of two books,  current host The Hank Lazard Show Podcast, and current blodder of The Hank Lazard Blodder!

Red Mountain Family Band– described as “the Carter Family if they took to drinkin” -with a brand new singer to boot!

Facebook Event Page

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